SIG Rascal 168 Kit
SIG Rascal 168 Kit

SIG Rascal 168 Kit

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SIG Rascal 168 Kit - The Gigantic KIT Version of the Legendary SIG Rascal Design

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The smash hit of the 2016 Toledo Weak Signals RC Expo! 14 ft. Wing Span! The first new kit from SIG in years, the Rascal 168" Kit is the monster version of the Rascal legend. It is truly a beauty to behold, a giant bird that will awe spectators. Its flight behavior is wonderful with flaps and ailerons and boasts ultra-light wing loading. The Rascal 168 Kit performs aerial maneuvers better than other high-wing planes as a result of its high performance airfoil and streamlining - Cuban 8s, point rolls, slow rolls and extended inverted flight are no problem for this giant plane.

The design and craftsmanship of this kit is truly remarkable. Master RC plane designer Mike Stott has integrated many ingenious concepts and details into the Rascal 168. The structure is made out of 1/8"-1/4" Baltic birch wood. It is all router-cut on a CNC machine for cleaner edges and incredible tolerances. The fuselage snaps together dry with removable key & tab design unlike anything used in RC plane kits before. The router-cut edges take the CA glue much better than laser-cut edges, increasing the strength of the completed fuselage. Easy to build - A delight to fly!

We do expect that there will be an additional shipping fee for this limited edition plane due to the size and weight of the box. We will update the product page as soon as we have a good estimate of what that fee will be.

  • Masterful Snap-Together Fuselage Design
  • CNC router-cut, Baltic Birch Fuselage
  • Wing-Mounted Ailerons & Flap Servos
  • Aft-Mounted Direct Drive Elevator Servo
  • Aft-Mounted Direct Drive Rudder System
  • 3-Piece Wings for Easy Transport
  • 8' Transport Length that will fit in a minivan
  • Legendary Rascal Flight Performance!

Additional Resources: 

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*There is an Oversize Shipping Charge of $25.00 on the SIG Rascal 168 Kit.

Wing Span: 168 inches (2794 mm)
Wing Area: 3710 sq. inches (239.3 dm2)
Length: 120 inches (3048 mm)
Flying Weight: 33-37 lbs. (14,968-16,783 g)
Wing Loading:  
Gas Power: 50-60 cc
Electric Power: 6000 watts (160-200kv) 
Radio Req.: 5-Channel with 7 Heavy-Duty Servos

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