SIG Rascal 72 EG ARF
SIG Rascal 72EG ARF-white/blue

SIG Rascal 72 EG ARF

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Himax HC4220-770 Brushless Electric Motor [+$94.98]
Electric Speed Control (ESC)
Phoenix Edge Lite 50 Speed Control (ESC) [+$84.98]
APC 13x6.5E Propeller [+$4.99]
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The SIG RASCAL 72 EG ARF is the perfect midsize R/C ARF airplane. It features all of the loved characteristics of the Rascal, including its legendary great looks, superior SIG craftsmanship, and dreamlike flight manners. The SIG RASCAL 72 EG ARF has a 72” wingspan to provide the light wing loading Rascals are famous for. The EG design is made to accept either an electric motor or glow engine. Pick your power!

The assembly of the SIG RASCAL 72 EG ARF is fast and easy. The illustrated step-by-step instruction manual guides you quickly from box to flight. The handcrafted wood frame pieces are CAD-drawn and laser cut to fit perfectly.  If you opt for electric power, the removable hatch makes battery swaps a breeze, and the hatch latch latches securely to keep everything in its place. The airplane is professionally covered with premium UltraCote® transparent red or blue film with white trim to show off the classic all-wood framework. This ARF comes with a fiberglass cowl, molded windshield and side windows, steerable leaf-spring tailwheel assembly and traditional SIG Rascal decals.

If you are looking to experience the Rascal Legend in a midsize RC plane, the SIG RASCAL 72 EG ARF will give you years of enjoyment with a healthy dose of thrills!

FlyRC Magazine Product Review: SIG Rascal 72 ARF

SIG Rascal 72 EG ARF Manual (PDF)

Additional items required to complete the SIG RASCAL 72 ARF:

If you are looking for a larger inventory of model airplane building materials, the following pack may come in very handy:

This ARF airplane also requires a 4-channel Radio System w/ 5 Standard Servos which you will need to purchase separately. 

There is an Oversize Shipping Surcharge of $20.00 on the Rascal 72 EG ARF.


Wing Span: 72 inches (1829 mm)

Wing Area: 720 sq. inches (46.5 dm2)

Length: 51.75 inches (1315 mm)

Flying Weight: 5 - 5.5 oz.. (2268 - 2495 g)

Wing Loading: 16 - 17.6 oz./sq. ft. (49 - 54 g/dm2)

Radio Req.: 4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos

Glow Power: 2-Stroke .40 - .46 cu. in. (6.5 - 7.5 cc)

            4-Stroke .40 - .54 cu. in. (6.5 - 8.8 cc)

Electric Power: 500 watt (3528 - 1000kv) Brushless Motor;

                50 - 60A ESC; Lipo Battery Pack

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