SIG Sbach XA41 300 ARF
SIG XA41 Sbach 300 ARF

SIG Sbach XA41 300 ARF

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Himax HC4220-770 Brushless Electric Motor [+$94.98]
Electric Speed Control (ESC)
Phoenix Edge Lite 50 Speed Control (ESC) [+$84.98]
APC 13x6.5E Propeller [+$4.99]
Arming Switch
Arming Switch with Dean Ultra Plugs [+$12.99]
Adhesive Pack [+$25.98]

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Electric-Powered Sport Aerobatic Sbach 300 RC Airplane!

Can you say "SIG on Steroids!"? That's exactly what the SIG Sbach XA41 300 is! Get ready to have your impression of SIG changed forever with this all-new aerobatic sport model! 

The inspiration for the SIG Sbach XA41 300 is the full-scale Sbach XA41 (named after designer Philipp Steinbach). Made by XtremeAir in Germany, it is the world's first all-composite extreme aerobatic airplane. The SIG version is a balsa (not foam!) ARF with a 50" wingspan. The highly popular 50" class of electric aerobatic airplanes is driven by the widespread availability of high-quality economically-priced 3 & 4 cell lipo batteries. Cell for cell, amp for amp, the lipos are a great bargain for RC pilots looking for high performance. The icing on the cake with the Sbach XA41  300 ARF is the Daytona graphics scheme - making its visual impact just as hot as its performance. 

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Additional items required to complete the SIG SBach XA41 300 ARF:
  • Motor - "32" Class Electric Brushless Motor
  • Battery - 4S 2500-4000 mAh Lipo pack
  • ARF Adhesive Pack
This ARF airplane also requires a 4-channel Radio Systems w/ 4 Micro Servos which you will need to purchase separately.

Wing Span: 50 in. (1270 mm)
Wing Area: 500 sq. in. (32.2 dm2)
Length: 44.25 in. (1124 mm)
Flying Weight: 3.25-4 lbs. (1274-1812 g)
Wing Loading: 12.6 - 21.9 oz./sq.ft. (60 - 67 g/dm²)
Radio Req.: 4-Channel with 4 Micro Servos
Electric Power: "32" class Brushless Motor (700-9000 kv);
60-75A Speed Control (ESC); 4S 2500-4000 mAh Lipo Battery Pack

5 Stars
Sbach XA41 300
If you're looking for a thrill ride to fill a Sunday afternoon, this is the plane! As soon as the Sbach wheels were off the ground, I was in love with this plane. My recent experiences with small scale aerobatic models have been: 1) Needing to fly fast to keep it in the air, 2) having to keep my hands on the sticks at all times, and 3) not being able to perform as many maneuvers as I could with a larger scale model. This plane, however, is the complete opposite. The airframe is very lightweight and has a very spacious interior for all the electronics. The magnetic canopy hatch is very secure, and allows battery placement and connection to be done in a snap. The entire field setup can be done in less than five minutes. Flying Characteristics: This aircraft is as steady as a rock in the air, but definitely does not fly like one. When I throttled down I expected it to drop quite a bit. I was surprised however when I slowed down into a harrier and had full control. Very little wing rock, as well. I was able to perform upright and inverted flatspins, rolling harriers, rolling circles, pop tops, and countless other maneuvers with ease. During my flight the wind kicked up with gusts over 20 mph, and even with the smaller size of the model, the wind didn't affect the plane nearly as much as I would have predicted. Overall, I am very impressed with the SIG Sbach. It is designed very well, flies like a dream, and is all wrapped up in a terrific color scheme that looks great in the air. 5/5
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Reviewed by:  from Park Falls, Wisconsin. on 11/25/2013
5 Stars
I worked with some other modelers over the winter who built a variety of models. Now that I have worked on this SIG ARF. I am very impressed with the quality of the construction and covering. The packaging is good as are the instructions. I will certainly buy another SIG.
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Reviewed by:  from Gaylord Michigan. on 7/21/2015
4 Stars
SIG Sbach XA41 300 ARF
Great looking airplane. Went together well. Required more weight in the nose than I would have liked to balance (4oz.) Haven't flown it yet but getting ready as soon as the wind quits blowing here in Florida. I purchased the plane, motor, prop, and esc directly from SIG.
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan and Florida. on 3/8/2016

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